Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ethan's "Big Boy" Bed Quilt

 Ethan just turned 2 so it's time to move him to a "big boy" bed so the twins can each have their own crib.  He loves any kind of big equipment---dump trucks, tractors, diggers, car haulers you name it so I thought the quilt on the cover of "Those Crazy Kids" by Buggy Barn would work out great.  Lindsay (his Mom) picked out the primary colours to use in his room. 
 When they were home this weekend, he had to try it out. 

 There are several books by Buggy Barn using the "crazy" method.  Stack several pieces of fabric on top of each other.  Trace the pattern onto freezer paper.  Iron the pattern onto the top fabric.
 Cut the pattern apart not moving the pieces.  According to the pattern take the top fabric from certain sections and put it to the bottom.  Take other sections and put the top 2 pieces to the bottom.  Sew together.  Don't worry the book gives detailed instructions.  This was my second "crazy method" quilt.  If you are looking for something different they are fun to make!

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