Thursday, September 26, 2013

New website (again)!

Well I decided to bite the bullet and get a professional website made and it will be up and running by the end of this week.  I just wasn't happy with the size of the pictures for the products and some other issues on the old websites.  That's what you get when you try to do something cheap! 
I have alot of new products to show you but am waiting for the new website.  I have designed a few new things myself and am just finishing up the samples and patterns. 
I just returned from Seattle,WA where my husband had some meetings to attend and where they wine and dine me as well.   One nice surprise was that there  were so many quilt shops in a 2 hour radius of Seattle.  My great husband drove me around  to about 20 of them (I think there were 42 all together).  Bill had to take a picture of me outside of each one.  I will post some of my favorites when I get a chance.  This and next month are quilt show months so I am very busy getting things organized for that.
I hope you will find the new website easier to see and easier to navigate.
Talk to everyone again soon.     

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New "Folded" technique patterns!

Four new patterns by Debbie Richards!

Here is my sample of the Folded Lonestar!

Monday, June 10, 2013


 Spring is blooming flowers!  This quilt says it all with multi coloured flowers on a crisp, fresh white background. I  used one "Simply Colour" ombre colour roll (2 1/2" strips in different colours--colour graduates from dark to light to dark again).  I also used 60" wide Kona cotton so I wouldn't have to put a seam down the middle.   Quilt is 60" x 68"
Patterns - $10.00.  Kit - $99.50 (includes pattern, "Simply Colour" ombre roll and enough white cotton  for background and backing.  Sashing strip and binding also included. )
Here a close-up of the flower petals.  I added white pearl beads to the middle of the flowers for an extra touch.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Little Girl's Growth Chart

This little girl's growth chart is called "Bloomin' Up" thanks to my husband for coming up with the name.   I have kinda of a theme going with "up" being in the name of the growth chart patterns and I just couldn't come up with a name that worked so as he is watching the hockey game he casually says "How about Bloomin' Up" and I say PERFECT!                                  
It has 3D look.  The flowers are very simple to make and this growth chart comes together easily.  I love the bright colours which can be made to match any little girl's room.  Patterns for Bloomin' Up are $10.00 and the kits  are $50.00 (includes pattern, bug buttons, ricrac, 4 stick pins, ribbon and fabric as shown)

"Farm Fresh" Block of the Month

 "Farm Fresh" - New Block of the Month by Buggy Barn Quilts.  To sign up you must first purchase the book for $24.00.  The blocks 1-10 are $18.00 each (which includes the borders and binding).  A great deal for an unique gardening quilt.  Size is 68" x 82".  Fabrics as shown (I also changed the American flags to Canadian).  If you are interested just let me know by phone or email. .  You may sign up at any time.  Pick up or ship out.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Boy's Growth Chart--"Hoop it Up"

Since Lucas, one of my grandsons, loves balls I thought I would use that theme to make a growth chart for him..  It is called "Hoop it Up".  Zachary his twin brother will also get one.  I am also designing quilts for their bunk beds that have a sports theme as well.   The growth chart comes in a pattern for $10.00 and a kit (including pattern ) for $45.00.  The hanger "I'm This Big" is $16.00 extra.  I have lots more ideas for other growth charts.  The little girls are next (even though my next grandchild---another boy is due in 2 weeks).  I will be at the Creativ Festival in Toronto at the end of this month if you would like to see it in person.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Happenings!

 The pond at my brother-in-law's was frozen enough to skate on this past weekend.  It's not often that it is cold enough to freeze it and for it to be nice enough ice to skate on.  Thanks to my brother-in-law for spending 1.5 hours to shovel it off only for it to rain for the next 2 days.   
 This is my husband trying some fancy moves. 
 My daughter Krista and her boyfriend Matt!
 My son Michael was also home for the weekend from university.
 One of the new projects that I wanted to work on for months but was waiting for the laser cut "Silhouettes" to  arrive.  They finally came!  I know it is past Fall but now there is plenty of time to get this tabletopper or wallhanging done for September.  I just need to finish the machine quilting and binding.  Kits are available for $79.50 (fabric, pattern, 3 pkgs of  Silhouettes and binding.)
 We were doing a demo night at the guild so I decided to do it on the Twister Tool. 
This is  "Snowman Twist"!  He has a 3 dimensional scarf that hangs to the side and down.  "Snowman Twist" pattern is available is 3 sizes so you can use the regular Twister tool (5" squares) or the mini (3 1/2" squares) or the itty bitty (2 1/2" squares) .  I used the mini and without binding it measures 33" x 36".
 Another project that I finished just before Christmas was an Advent wallhanging  using the "Stocking Stuffers" panel.  With some the the cordinating fabric in that line I made the wallhanging to hold the 25 little stockings. 
 This the panel from the "Stocking Stuffers" fabric line by Northcott.    I cut the stockings out, sewed them together and attached them with little snowflake buttons.
 Another cute item I made up was the "Nail Salon in a Bag"  The bag holds 8 bottles of nailpolish and there is lots of room for the other items.  The pattern comes with a tool holder as well. 
 Zachary and Lucas turned 2!!!!!   Another special happening in January!
A big box, what can be inside?
(Mom is in the background expecting baby boy no. 4)
 Sometimes the box is just more fun! 
And what's a birthday without a Thomas the Train cake.  Their Mom does a wonderful job making their birthday cakes!