Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Boy's Growth Chart--"Hoop it Up"

Since Lucas, one of my grandsons, loves balls I thought I would use that theme to make a growth chart for him..  It is called "Hoop it Up".  Zachary his twin brother will also get one.  I am also designing quilts for their bunk beds that have a sports theme as well.   The growth chart comes in a pattern for $10.00 and a kit (including pattern ) for $45.00.  The hanger "I'm This Big" is $16.00 extra.  I have lots more ideas for other growth charts.  The little girls are next (even though my next grandchild---another boy is due in 2 weeks).  I will be at the Creativ Festival in Toronto at the end of this month if you would like to see it in person.