Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Bon Vivant" Purse

 This is a new purse pattern that I thought was unique in that it uses plastic canvas as part of the interfacing.  Now if you have been into crafts you probably have some of that plastic canvas hanging around, you know the stuff that was made into everything you could think of---notepad holders, flyswatter covers ,christmas ornaments, etc., etc.  You still see items made from it at craft shows.  That's the stuff you use to made the bag have some shape.  You also use "Decor Bond" interfacing. 
 Ellen Medlock, the designer of the pattern, also has the fabric. I used the blues with the matching striped gussets in the purse I made. It also comes in pink(shown in her pattern). I carry both the blue and pink patterned and fabrics with bolts of the matching stripes. I do not have the polka dot shown in the pattern below.

The pattern is $16.00 as it includes the silver clasp hardware.  The fabric is $13.00 a yard.

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