Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Little Girl's Growth Chart

This little girl's growth chart is called "Bloomin' Up" thanks to my husband for coming up with the name.   I have kinda of a theme going with "up" being in the name of the growth chart patterns and I just couldn't come up with a name that worked so as he is watching the hockey game he casually says "How about Bloomin' Up" and I say PERFECT!                                  
It has 3D look.  The flowers are very simple to make and this growth chart comes together easily.  I love the bright colours which can be made to match any little girl's room.  Patterns for Bloomin' Up are $10.00 and the kits  are $50.00 (includes pattern, bug buttons, ricrac, 4 stick pins, ribbon and fabric as shown)


Kelley said...

Where can I order the pattern?

Marlene Wymenga said...

You can purchase the pattern and kit on my website