Saturday, July 14, 2012

Carina, Junior Quilter

 My great niece, Carina, is here for the summer from Kiev, Ukraine.  Her Mom had to go back to the Ukraine for a month to do some rotations before her last year in medical school there so I thought I'd give their Dad, Aaron, a break and have Carina and Jacob over for the day.  I've never seen someone so young eyes light up when they see fabric but Carina's sure did.  We decided to make a purse and purple is her fabric colour so that's what we chose.  We used the Triangle Purse pattern. 
 She did a fabulous job with the sewing! She is either 9 or 10 years old.  I forgot to ask her.  She likes old things so she chose an old brass button with an airplane on it because she had done a project about Amelia Earhart recently. 
After some swimming, playing with our dog,Otis, and baking she helped me pick out fabrics for kits that I was putting together for "Animal Whimsy".  She's excited about helping me out for my Summer Open House on July 27 and 28.
Jacob was content to swim, play with the dog and play"Wee".

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