Sunday, June 17, 2012

Family Times

 My husband and I couldn't resist these t-shirts for the twins from the Cat in the Hat store at Universal Studios in Florida.
 Our youngest son celebrated his 19th birthday!  His sister, Lindsay made a very creative cake.  Of course what's a 19th birthday without at least one beer. 

 Here's the oldest grandson, Ethan, almost 3 years old with his Aunt Krista. 
A new project from the creators of  the "Hot Cakes" (cupcake oven mitt), and  "Tea for Who" (tea cozy) patterns.  We now have "Hot Who" (hot pad).  There are 4 different eye expressions.  Pattern is $6.50.  Kits as shown are available. 

I am waiting for some upgrades on the website to make it easier to order.  Therefore you will notice that alot of items don't have buttons, etc.  If you are interested in anything please let me know by e-mail.  I hope to have everything working more smoothly soon.

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