Monday, August 2, 2010

Monster Pillow

This is my most favorite project that I have done this year, I think.  I had met the designer from "Don't Look Now" in Minnesota at Quilt Market.  She had travelled all the way from Australia.  Her patterns are absolutely adorable!  I purchased several of her patterns which you will find on the patterns page under pillows, wallhangings and quilts.  This pillow pattern is a bonus pattern in the "Monsters Quilt" pattern.  I will have kits made up shortly for the pillow, if anyone is interested. 


bainesbunch said...

That is absolutely adorable! What kind of bedding goes with this? Please make kits!

Kim said...

I would love this pillow for my daughters nursery....I would love to buy it as a kit or even better already made....please contact me if this is available....the name is Wyatt...please let me know asap!!!...thanks so much!!

Pat C. said...

Any idea where I could find this pattern? You don't seem to have it anymore and neither does the designer.